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This portal provides MaX users with a single point of access to all the services offered by the Centre of Excellence MaX on its platform codes (Quantum Espresso, Siesta, Fleur, Yambo and the AiiDA scientific workflow system).

To access the services please login using the login box on the left.

To apply for a new account please use the form under the login box.


New high-quality releases of open-source flagship codes are a key output of MaX. 
The Center offers to all User Portal subscribers:

• Downloading of last releases and documentation through the code specific portals or direct download
• Access to a repository of benchmarks

MaX Release Rx source distributions and AiiDA plugins can also be downloaded.

Use the top menu to navigate code archives.

MaX BASIC SUPPORTservizi icona 2

MaX ensures free of charge basic support of its codes to all User Portal subscribers 

• Forum/mailing- list support for codes related issues
• Knowledge base navigation (planned)
• Forum support for materials science and HPC issues (in the MaX Forums area)

MaX HELP-DESKservizi icona 3

Direct contact help-desk service is intentend for assistance on:

• Input preparation and output interpretation 
Code utilization (focus on performances and HPC optimization)
• Code personalization (small modifications)


Direct contact help-desk service dedicated to HPC users (specifically for submission proposals):

• Specific technical issues (scaling, CPU and memory requirements)
Guided choice of appropriate codes for specific research context

Moreover through the portal you can also request consultancy and training services.   

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